film relapse-

now i never thought i was that bad, even though all of my comps told me that i was.. I would only stop to buy stuff every once in a while, but tonight it was bad. i am an impulsive shopper. I went through a film relapse.

I haven't filmed anything or done any shorts for over 2 years now and actually for this past month i had actually lost the desire to film. I don't know what got over me but i had different ideas and didn't even know if i wanted to pick up a camera again. (don't judge me)

but the other day i started watching more tv.. and i started exploring the www, and that's when the cravings hit again.. i couldn't resist, and the shorts that i had thought up on my mission came flooding back in and the ideas just kept on rolling and i spent a few hours surfing the web, as i admired the indie films online. (no i do not watch them on youtube, i prefer better and there is way too much crap on there to actually find good stuff)..

as a result i ended up spending a bit too much money and i bought myself a DOF converter for my canon xh-a1. in less than 24 hours i bought myself the letus35 extreme, and i'm dying to get it.. you have no idea the power this thing has. It will make my films look the way i have always wanted with the crisp shallow dof that inspires your  mind and makes the world appear how it should be seen in a rectangle. the dof can add such an edge & character to your film it was soo worth it.. and it shows up wednesday. I already have some ideas and i should have my next short up by fri or saturday.. latest will be monday.

i'll keep you up to date.. whoever you are the reads me.


my bro is gone- he left us.
LA is our dream and he made it first.
at least i shot his headshots before he left-- that was tight, and i have plans to visit him in 2 weeks so it's all good.



Digital Memorys is back! So after taking my long break from videography & graphic design.. i am now back in the business. I have actually missed it alot. it was weird because while i was in argentina, i would either stay awake some nights worried because i couldn't remember how to make a mask in photoshop or i would wake up to a nightmare of me not being able to remeber premiere.. those were some of the worst nightmares. ha.

but since i've got back, i've been working at my first entreperteuship experiment, I am so blessed and so is my family that the business has done so well especially through the whole economic crisis that happened. (not really know anything about it at the time, and not realizing the effects until i came home and everyone was out of business) It has really been fun, and i have apreciated it more now than ever before. i guess i never realized how cool it is to really own your own business and the possibilities that come from it.

We actually just did a wedding show today in bountiful at the Wight House Reception Center and it turned out pretty well. We got a lot of attention and luckily we were the only videographers that were in the show. We've booked a bunch of weddings, and i actually saw some of my old friends from jr. high who are now getting married.. weird.

I owe it all to my parents for dedicating themselves to this company with me, and for doing everything while i was gone. The company has been an amazing success and will just be getting even bigger because of them. I love them and I hope they can understand how great and amazing they are.

I'm updating the website and it should be up in a week or so, my brother actually did a really good job, but it needs some updating. Check it out.


acompanando a los misioneros.

--the other morning i got a call from the missionaries and they needed me to come with them-- i was so excited when i got the call. It was like winning a contest or something, i got right off and started telling everyone. haha. so that night i went out with Elder Bogden, he was actually pretty cool. we went around visiting some less active members and i loved it. I was hoping for investigators, but it felt so good to be in the Lord's work again now that it's been about a month since i've had any mission activity. I actually got so excited i pretty much took over one of the lessons.. but it was good because we taught as if we were companions.. i don't know if he liked it or not or what.. but we will see if they call me again. Next week i want to go out with the spanish speaking missionaries, i think that would be even better.


3 Church Sunday

..last week when i said yes to talking in the 20th ward, i didn't expect to be going to 3 different church sacrament meetings. I woke up to my brother telling me that he was going to go to the latin ward.. not having gone to church for 3 weeks in spanish.. i missed it. so i went, came home, and wrote my talk, and headed up to the 20th ward.. my parents surprised me and walked from their church to come hear me talk. I was annoyed but greatful all at once. In the end the talk wasn't so bad. After that i rushed to the Davis Park ward to check it out. Im still on my search to see what ward i want to belong to.. I now have 3 down and at least 2 more to go.. it actually was pretty good. I knew some people, but it looks like most people are off and married, i didn't know most of the people there.. so i just chilled with Kels. I couldn't really concentrate in Sacrament meeting because it was my 3rd one and it was just too hard..


..attended my cousin's 3rd wedding today. it was at a garden house in sandy, up at the top of 106th south. it's very relaxing. it's a green house set up to have receptions. I showed up late because I had convinced my parents to get a cell phone so i could be on their family plan, and it worked. so my dad and i got cell phones and rushed to the reception, we made it for the very end when everyone was leaving. ha. oh well, we chilled there for about an hour with my cousins, then we headed out to our family stop at 'Hires Big H'- with my little brother as the topic of our conversation.

because of the wedding I missed a 'City Stagers' Event at the gateway. but you can see it here::
watch closely as you see Anna get smacked in the chin with a garbage can lid-- i visited her after and she was all buised up. ha.

I also hit up urban outfitters with COLB-- i found some pretty interesting books. I want to buy them. I broke and gave into buying a jacket on sale, so it all turned out well.

and i watched glee for the first time tonight. hilarious.

twitter anyone?

..this is a test. my life in the making.

comment, live my life with me. and keep it real.

i got twitter.. let see how it goes..

add me.


livin it up with Jack's Mannequin

last night rocked my socks. Brandon, Annalee and I hit up the Jack's Mannequin at In the Venue last night. It was killer. I loved it. i didn't pull any crow surfing like old times, but i enjoyed just as well. my first concert since being home and it was one of the best. I got some pretty good pics and some awesome vids as well. check them out.

while i was sweating and getting moshed around i ran into this girl that i went to mexico with 4 years ago.. and then i met some girl named Callie, that knows my cousin, and we became friends. she seems pretty rad. too bad she's down at the Y.

There was also the bands Vedera, and Fun. Fun is actually the remake of The Format. They broke up while i was gone and now the lead singer has a new band called.. Fun. Vedera actually did a pretty good job for being a girl band, because i usually am not a fan of girl bands, but she won my heart.