the last video I shot with Brandon Koch. comment.

Embrace the Pet Peeve.

When he doesn't know what to eat, he eats cereal.

I hate it when someone is eating and I'm not.



Faye Kingslee created this group of actors, writers, directors, etc. in LA and they do Short Film Weekends
I've watched a bunch of them on youtube, but this one was one of my favorites.
excellent wrting. filming. acting. love it.
the main character, Bryson Kuan, is my brother's roomate, Colby Koch.
music by_6th Street


also check out andrew belle. awesome.
he has a couple free downloads-


elder b koch

Check out my Brother's New Mission Blog::
follow the blog. feel the spirit.


Davis County Fair.2010

photography: christopher robert and annalee michelle


Tailoring & Moochies

So this past month has been "last" everything as our mom reminds us. Here are some last memories of Brandon.

He needed his suit tailored, so we went to this little Asian man in salt lake, EXPRESS TAILORING & REWEAVING. He did an excellent job and has a small stylish bungalow on 300 West which is completely renovated. The interior is a combination of Asian serenity with the plushness of some French - like brocade. The front room has two changing areas which are cordoned off by these lush curtains. He also tailored my pants that I brought home from Argentina.. I still need to pick them up. Ha.

Then we headed over to another 'red plate.' (Brandon and I only eat at 'Red Plate' restaurants)
Moochies. One of the best philly cheese steaks I've had. Must go.

photography: christopher robert and brandon gregory


Updating Vimeo.

Hey so I'm Updating my Vimeo site and posting all my old videos from 07' so check them out if you havent already seen them.




__a couple months ago I did some modeling for my amazingly talented cousin Kati Ellis and her photography partner Jessica Lane. Check out their work.



good-bye brandon.

farewell brandon. from christopher robert on Vimeo.
It's going to be hard to see Brandon leave, but I am so proud of him and honored to be his brother. I look up to him so much, and love who he has become. Good Luck B, I love you.

the farewell was a success.


Natalie+Andrew Reception

Natlie + Andrew Reception - May 1, 2010
I love my cousins



so im addicted to ebay now. I can't stop bidding. it's way too intense.

I just bought 3 ipods..
I only need one. wtf?

I also stumbled upon this feedback, it's hilarious! must read: tryork5ifp (284)

my friend sarah.

this is the video that started it all. hilarious

i love this woman.