Lincoln is so adorable. When I talked to Brett and Whitney on the phone, I was so excited to work with them to create such an amazing video. It's incredible how documenting the simple daily activities can be so precious.

I am so glad that I received this opportunity to spend some time with some good friends and their new baby. This video is priceless and will be an amazing for them to have for the rest of their lives.

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Here are some stills that I captured from the footage.



ordered some new business cards. simple, yet satisfying. wha'da think?


Trevor & Kelsey have become such good friends and I was so excited to be a part of their wedding day. The day turned out perfect, they were so happy and playful and I loved joking around with them. My job becomes easy when you have such a fun and relaxing couple. Congrats again you two!

If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out their Date Video, where they had an evening at pineview with a fire on the beach.

I had the opportunity to work with Amanda Peterson who did their photography, she was so relaxing and fun to collaborate with. Check out the engagements she did.

*this is not the full wedding video, it is only highlights from that day

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"The Reception" - Laguna Niguel, California

This is the reception you wanted to be at this summer. If you missed it, then be sure to watch it now. The whole night had class & style. It was so fun to spend the night filming all the interactions between Tommy & Amanda and really see them break it down on the dance floor.

This was one of their last nights in their home in Laguna Niguel, because soon after they were flying out to NYC to start their life. I wish them the happiest and most eventful marriage. Congrats you two!

If you haven't seen their wedding video or their interview, be sure to check those out as well!

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Be sure to check out the rest of Rachel Thurston's amazing photography & the floral arrangements done by Design by Aubrey