Randy + Anna

One of my best friends got married and I had the opportunity to do her wedding video. It is always fun to do weddings for friends, especially these two. :)

I was so excited and the whole thing turned out great! I couldn't love it more. The whole day was so much fun, from the temple to the reception, and everything turned out amazing. It was one wedding I never want to forget. Enjoy the two videos. They are a must see.


requiem for a younger self

this was an assignment for a video class at WSU--

assignment requirements:
no sound - 1 min limit - title 'requiem for a younger self'

we filmed it in 45 min, I edited in an hour- finished it 5 min before class. ha. I am a procrastinator. thank you brandon for always being such a great brother and actor. ;)


the pond

there's a pond by my house that I always used to pass while walking to school. 
today i spent a few minutes taking some pictures there for my photography class.


carnival date video-- Austin + Kirsten

So when I was talking to Kirsten and Austin on the phone, we went through some different options of what they could do, and the fair was our favorite for sure. They had me laughing all night - I didn't know I could have so much fun at the Utah State Fair with them! We just spent the night doing anything and everything at the fair and it turned out great! The lights and colors added that exciting touch to the video and I absolutely love how it turned out! 

They will be getting married on the 8th of October in Salt Lake City, Utah-- It's going to be awesome! Save the Date!


Federico Alvarez -- His Story

Last year youtube had their 5th year anniversary. To celebrate  they made short documentaries on certain people that have been discovered by posting themselves on youtube.

Federico Alvarez was the one video that inspired me the most. I love his story and I love his work. Check out this video. It's incredible --


backseat view of LA -

--In the summer for a weekend I was in the LA/Newport/Laguna area--
it is always great to see family & friends 

we took the trip down in my little white 4door sedan-- yes the trip killed it. No more car.
(it's ok. I bought a new one)

this is what came out of giving my 10yo sister the camera in the back seat. 
there were over 100 photographs taken in a 20 min drive into LA.
'the backseat view of LA'

while we were at the grove eating a nice lunch I took this picture of brandon...

then.. this was the result of asking brandon to take a picture of me...lmao

we have fun.

I need another vacation.


Spending the night in Salt Lake with Greg and Myrinda was really fun. They are so easy going, really playful, and have great personalities. I just loved listening to their story and it's definitely a unique and enjoyable one. They will be getting married on September 2nd 2011, and I'm so excited to spend the day with them and capture every moment.

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faux instagram

i love my major. i love instagrams. i made this insta in photoshop. i don't own an iphone.