an incredibly talented painter & cousin: Brian Koch



For all you Video Editors..

So.. I found these and couldn't stop laughing. You will only get it if you are up to date on software and are a video editor. :P

Best review of Final Cut X

If you couldn't tell.. I use premiere & after effects.


Maggie Sottero BTS -- 2012 Collection

Over the summer I was hired to shoot some behind the Scenes Videos for Maggie Sottero Bridal and Sottero & Midgley-- They were just released this week! Check'm out!

(Be sure to watch them in 720p)

There will be some more coming soon-- so be sure to check back for more ;)

Maggie Sottero Bridal 

Sottero & Midgley 


in the city

this was a fun night.


New Years Wedding | Brandon + Christina

I usually keep my wedding posts limited on here since you can see them all on my wedding blog, but I couldn't help but post this one.

These two have known each other for years-- then just fell in love and got married on new years.
Loved every moment of their day. There was so much love through the whole day and they were in absolute bliss.
So much love.
So much style.
Love these two.
Best way to end 2011 and start 2012.

I'm obsessed with the photography done by Brooke. She and I have very similar taste and styles. The weddings always turn out the best when the Videographer and Photographer are cohesive.


See the rest of the photos on Blush Photography.


step lightly through your ruins.

Last year I did a photo project with natalie.
I just realized I never posted it.
I like it too much not to share.  

"Blow its dust all over your body, 
To let it go on blowing, to step lightly, lightly, 
All the way through your ruins, and not to lose
Any sleep over the dead, who surely
Will bury their own, don't worry." 

-James Wright 


tumblr anyone?

So I don't know how many of you have tumblr.. but I basically use my for inspiration, dreams, fun, lust, kuewl kats and just the visual satisfaction I need. Ha. 

Follow me if you're cool. And let me know your tumblr site and i'll follow you..
ok. I think this is going to be a great friendship --


my sis is seew kuewl.

Listen to this------------> yesterday's find:  http://www.myspace.com/jinjasafari


Life Recently: 2012

Life Recently. 
Stressful but good. 
Lets just say everything is working out quite nicely. 
And I'm happy. 

This song makes me happy. 

Let it make you happy. And then go eat a Belgium Waffle. nomnomnom.

My recent vimeo stats. :P 
(my wedding videos don't even get this many hits!)

just sayin.. ;)


Featured on ProjectWedding.com

Happy New Year!

I'm happy to say that Tommy & Amanda's Wedding was featured today on ProjectWedding.com! Great way to start the new year! 

I'm excited for all the weddings coming up this year! 

Watch their California Wedding & Reception Video Here: