Lime Ricki Commercials

Lime Ricki Swimwear hired me this past year to do some commercials and promotional videos for their new swimwear collection! I have loved working with the owners of Lime Ricki, the photographer, stylists, and models to create some great work for Summer 2012! It's been awesome-

Plus to kick off the season, the Lime Ricki commercials I filmed  and edited with be airing during American Idol at 7pm on Wednesday, February 29th & Thursday, March 1st-- So be sure to TiVo it, fast forward through American Idol, and watch the commercials so you don't miss the Lime Ricki one ;)

If you miss it-- be sure to go to LimeRicki.com to see the full version online on March 1st.

Then throughout the Summer be sure to check up on LimeRicki.com for promotional videos showing behind the scenes, interviews, and more!




Inspiration Craving

Watching video like this inspire me and push me forward. Oh how I crave this.


Featured on CW30 Daily Dish

Hey! Today I was interviewed on the CW30's morning show, The Daily Dish for my wedding videography Digital Memorys- Check it out!


Digital Memorys featured on UBB

Featured on:

Digital Memorys was featured on Utah Bride Blog today-- Pretty awesome. 
Go check out Austin & Kirsten's Carnival Date I filmed back in September with them. 

Then be sure to 'like' my company on FB-- Digital Memorys Video Productions 

Also, today Amanda & Tommy posted this picture of us from their California Wedding back in June. Love it.

Be sure to watch their California Wedding & Reception if you haven't already seen it.