B got the Mish Call

my brother Brandon woke me up this morning around 6 so that we could open his mission call.. why were we doing it at 6? because my father is in china right now and it was the best time for him, so we sacrificed our sleep for my dad. it's cool. Colby is in Hungtington so he and my dad were on skype in mine and my brother's room. it was really cool to be together as a family.. technically. ha.

my little bro got his mission call. watch and see where he is off to for the next 2 years.

watch the video to find out where B is going.
I'm really excited for him and couldn't be more proud. Actually.. i'm really jealous, but excited as well. He's such a cool kid and deserves the best.


updates.. if you even care.

..lived in Laguna for 2 weeks in march with my cousins, basically best trip ever, (catch the pictures on face) and probably one of the last ones with B. I never thought that time would pass by so fast that now I'm already having to find out where my brother will be living for the next 2 years, and it's not going to be with me. I'm going to miss that intelligent punk.
I've felt so busy for the past weeks and yet i feel like i'm not progressing very quickly. I'm assuming it's a lack of time management, but then again, i'm just using my time for things that maybe aren't so important, but yet i have the urges to do them.

I've been shooting different things for work and pleasure, I just did a shoot with Colby this past week when he randomly showed up in Utah for an audition. I went and filmed the photoshoot, it actually turned out pretty well, I've edited most of it, but  then stopped.

I'm planning on starting a different blog for my work. or maybe I'll just post it all on here. who knows, but how my life is running it will probably be while til they're up.. i redesigned the DigitalMemorys logo. and I definately need to update the website this week.

Entertainment has been a stress lately, there is so much i missed these past year that i feel like i have missed out on so much, and yet, it is all so unimportant. I still want to catch up. I'm doing it slowly. Current TV: "quarterlife" Current Music: Ferras/Graham Colton

..i stayed up way to late last night.. 4:30 is not a good time to go to bed, especially when i went to donate plasma at 9 this morning. I almost fainted.

the quinceanera tonight is going to rock my sox.