Album Mix: WIND

WIND - listen to it on itunes or on YouTube
  1. Welcome Home - Radical Face
  2. High and Dry - Radiohead
  3. Hey Ah - Desert Noises
  4. West Coast - Coconut Records
  5. Hints - Jose Gonzalez
  6. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  7. Breeze - Apollo Sunshine
  8. Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone
  9. Blood - The Middle East
  10. Towers - Bon Iver
  11. Breathe Me - Sia
  12. Tony The Tripper - Fruit Bats
  13. To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

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I have the coolest clients--

Ever since I have been filming wedding videos there are always those that go out of their way to show their appreciation towards the work I put into filming their wedding. Even though they pay me to do it, there are always some couples that send me a thank you present, give me a call, or just simply write me a message or a text. No matter what the size, I love it, it really is one of the benefits of the work I do. I love that my work is making priceless memories that couples will have for a lifetime.

Lori Dunn has gone out of her way to make sure I know my talent and her appreciation. I am always receiving messages and texts from her with loads of praise and love. She's been so great! Just released their wedding video here: Greg & Myrinda

One of the most recent things I received was a Thank you letter, some gift cards and a mixed CD in the mail from Ashton & Fumi. They were such a great couple and to top it off, they went out of their way to thank me and give me a little bit more. Ashton figured out some of my favorite things and sent them my way. It made my day. :)

It is people like this that keep me doing what I love to do.

I just want to say thank you to everybody and anybody who has ever gone out of their way to say 'thank you' and has shown their appreciation in one way or another-- it means the world to me.

Their wedding video turned out amazing. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it below:


Salt Lake City & Dunn Associates, Inc.

I had the amazing opportunity this week to work with Ron Dunn. Brandon & I filmed and produced documentary on Ron, structural engineering, and the effect he is having on our city, Salt Lake City. Ron is such an amazing man. He has a great passion to help others and to improve the city as a whole. Watch the documentary and see for yourself.
People use buildings everyday, but no one realizes who made that building stand. No one realizes that when they go to sleep at night, the reason their life will be there tomorrow is because in our contemporary world, structural engineers have ensured that buildings can withstand the test of time so that our world will last. Ron Dunn, the president of Dunn Associates, Inc. is an exemplary figure in Salt Lake City of progressing sustainable architecture at large. One cannot drive down a street in Salt Lake City without seeing a building he has engineered, and subsequently, see the lives of thousands of people that use those buildings that he has affected for the sustainability of their future. Without sustainable buildings, our lives would come tumbling down. So, let us make a choice. A choice to be sustainable. When building, let us build as if it will last forever.

Director/Producer: Brandon Koch 
Film/Edit: Chris Koch