Behind the Scenes -- with Blush & SL

-Happy 2013-

An awesome friend of mine, Brooke Davis, called me up wanting to do a collab promo vid for the boudoir mini sessions she is doing in January with Sheryll Lynne- We discussed it, I liked the angle she was wanting to go at, so we teamed up and this is what we came up with. We wanted it to be tasteful & sexy yet not too scandalous. ;) I love how it turned out. -- 

Contact Brooke or Sheryll for the having a mini session in January-- They are some pretty awesome photographers.

Blush Photography
Sheryll Lynne Photographers

And here are some behind the scenes shots-- The shoot was a ton of fun.


film grain.

just a preview of shots I took from the photo shoot with colb today. --M83 'Wait'


Design Browsing.

I have a new goal this year to clean up my best friend, my computer. His name is 'Che'-- He's the kuewlest kat around with his SSD, 16GB of Ram and his i7 mind. --But I have been a horrible owner and made a mess of him already. Soo.. it's time to clean him up for the new year and organize all my stuff so I can "make kuel sh*t" -GSG

But as I was browsing and organizing my bookmarks, I came across this interactive book:

Click it, and Read it.

it is some great stuff. Enjoy.


Christmas Card 2011

This is my Christmas Card to YOU! Merry Christmas Everyone. It is here!

I figured a short motion design card would save paper & postage. Plus I had way too much fun making this--

This is the start of a new year, and new goals-- Here is the beginnings of more to come.

Music: Passion Pit "Cuddle Fuddle"


Holiday Road

Merry Christmas! Don't you just love the holidays? -- Enjoy the film.

Matt Clayton and I came together this Christmas Season to put together a holiday promotional video. Matt is an amazing photographer and has an excellent eye for style. We've been working on several different projects together and this is the first of many.

If it wasn't for Matt, this wouldn't have been possible. Check out his work: Matt Clayton Photography

Here are some Behind the Scenes Photos from the shoot--

Featured on Ruffled - http://ruffledblog.com

Today, Fumi & Ashton's wedding video was featured on Ruffled - The best wedding blog for vintage weddings! Pretty exciting. Go and check it out!

To see our new wedding website and more videos, visit: Digital Memorys Weddings


view from the plane

I flew to Arizona a couple weeks ago for a wedding video-- This was one of my favorite shots as I was returning to Utah.


music video inspiration.

Brandon showed this one to me-- and i'm obesessed.


New Wedding Website-- DigitalMemorysWeddings.com

It's Official. My new wedding video website is now LIVE

Check it out!


For the new year I am making some new changes to my wedding video company Digital Memorys. A new website is one that needed to happen. For a the past 9 months I have been running the wedding videos off the blog, but it's time that I needed to have an official web address dedicated to my Wedding Cinematography. -- So I spent the past couple weeks designing the new site. Hope you like it ;)

This is just the beginning of our new year releases! Be prepared for new video giveaways and some exciting new video releases!

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photos courtesy of rachelthurston.com